KeyForge Friday (Sealed)

Sealed Tournament

Fri, Dec 28 ·6:30 PM

Fantasy Flight Games Center

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Join us Friday evening, Dec. 28th, at the Fantasy Flight Games Center for a KeyForge Friday Sealed Format Tournament!

*What: KeyForge Friday

*When: Friday, December 28th @ 6:30pm

*Where: Fantasy Flight Games Center

*Cost: Participants must purchase an Archon Deck for the Sealed Format tournament.

*Format: Sealed Format (participants must purchase an Archon Deck)

*Prizes: Playmats from the KeyForge Discovery Kits (organized play kits) for undefeated players and a few raffled Archon Decks (depending on attendance).

*Rules and Tournament Resources can be found under the "Support" section of the KeyForge minisite:

"In the Sealed format, each player receives a new deck at the tournament, usually by purchasing it from the hosting retailer. Players do not open their sealed decks until the of start of the event, and players are encouraged to wait to register the decks to their Master Vault accounts until the end. After opening their decks, players are given a few moments to read through and familiarize themselves with their contents, then the tournament begins."

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