Keyforge Night at Game Point


Thu, Mar 14 ·6:30 PM

Game Point Cafe

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Tonight's event will be a best of one, Archon format.  You will need to bring our own Keyforge deck to the event.  Arrive around 6:30 pm to register your deck and sign in. First round will start at 7 pm.  We ask that everyone playing plan to spend a minimum of $5 in food or drink.  Winners will get Keyforge promotional materials and the champ for the night will also win a Game Point Gift Card (value based on the number of players).  Hope you will still make plans to come out and forge some keys!

All Keyforge events at Game Point are now official Chainbound Events.  What does that mean?  It means that we will register each deck before play begins.  The results of the tournament are reported back to the Fantasy Flight servers and decks are handicapped based on how well they have done.  In essence, this helps to create a fluid meta around the game.  So you'll want to have downloaded the Keyforge app and have set up your personal account on the app before the tournament begins.  You can read more about the format on Fantasy Flight Keyforge Website.

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